We just launched a big app update with some really cool features:


This Christmas you can hide your gifts from your Recipient! At checkout screen flick the “Surprise Gift” toggle, when sending a gift: your Recipient will get the usual gift notification, but IT WILL HIDE WHAT THE GIFT IS! To find out, they will have to wait in anticipation for it to arrive at their doorstep! Perrrrfect for Christmas!


This is big. Now you no longer have to “text” your gift to friends. No no, we’ve gone a step further! After you check out we now generate a “Magic link” to the gift you have purchased, and you can share this magic link however you like! Send it as a text message, via Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. Snapchat. Even send it to someone in Tinder if you like! All you need to do is share the magic link with your Recipient #Awesome


We’ve made it easier for you to rate us. Check out the new button in the side menu! Please do take the time to review our App if you like it. It really does make a big difference! And always feel free to send us feedback on support@swiftgift.me

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SwiftGift team