Dating and relationships are an important part of any man’s life and making a relationship work is an art that requires effort. Every relationship has periods of tension, which sometimes explode into conflict. In such instances, I have found that gifts are an excellent tool to diffuse a tense situation…

I will lead by example with a story from my own life: One cold, rainy London afternoon in January, a heated debate with my wife at our London apartment spiralled out of control and resulted in an argument. I raised my voice, she got offended... Everyone knows the drill. She walked away, locked herself in the bedroom and refused to speak with me. I felt bad. I don’t like the silent treatment (in fact, if I have a choice I would prefer shouting than silence). I wanted to end the drama, make up with my wife and for us to move past this unpleasantness.


First thing that came to my mind was: a gift! Everyone loves receiving gifts, and girls especially! I was in the wrong, so if I get her an “I’m sorry” gift, that might help. Flowers were the obvious choice - these pretty, smelly little things are my "get out of jail" card when I do something wrong. Since I am involved with SwiftGift I decided to keep everything "in house" and use our own platform. A few clicks later, I bought a beautiful bouquet of roses and the message was sent. Now I just had to sit and wait… From the cold silence of her bedroom I could hear her tapping on her iPad. I could feel the smile spreading across her face as she read the gift notification… Then I heard a tap on her iPad and moments later I received a notification on my iPhone: “Polina has accepted your gift!” Eureka!

I will reveal a small secret: The fact that someone even accepts your gift is already a half step to forgiveness! After 5 minutes my beautiful wife emerged from the bedroom, with that cute expression she has when she is pretending to be mad at me, but I'm just too cute so she cannot conceal her smile… A sort of smiling grumpy face! She came over, called me an idiot and then hugged me and thanked me for the flowers. The sparkle in her eyes and the smiling corners of her mouth gave away her happiness.

In conclusion: Girls love gifts not for their monetary value, but for the fact that they show effort. They are a statement from the man. In this case the statement was: “I am mature enough to admit when I am wrong. I am sorry. And I love you.” (That’s three statements but anyway).

The gift helped us overcome the silly fight. Oh and I got a whole separate thank you when the flowers actually arrived the following day