Thank you for participating in our Beta testing

Starting today we will not be accepting any new orders on our test platform, as we move a step closer to launching our real product: the awesome SwiftGift app! Of course all outstanding orders will be delivered on time and looking beautiful as ever.

SwiftGift Beta was an experimental platform to test our gifting hypothesis and to learn what you guys like and don't like. You have been awesome and taught us a lot! You have shown us that you love making your friends happy by sending them gifts, you love our simple service for allowing you to gift easily, and you love to do all of this from your mobile phones!

We have listened to you and here is the sweet news... (drum roll please...)

We are going mobile: App coming Summer 2015

In the past few months we have been hard at work, behind the scenes, completely re-designing and re-building SwiftGift from the ground up to deliver you an even more simple and awesome experience:
This new app will revolutionise gifting and solve all the issues you have voiced to us.

Issues: Resolved!

“I don’t have Facebook”
“My recipient does not have Facebook”

The new SwiftGift app will allow you to send gifts to any phone number in your phone’s contact book. No need for Facebook, and they don't even need to have the SwiftGift app installed. Think about it. Gifts to any phone number. #SoSimpleSoAwesome

“I want to send gifts on the go, using my phone”
"I want a simple experience. Sending with just a few clicks!"

SwiftGift mobile app will be fast and easy to use. It is being completely re-designed from scratch with simplicity of use in mind! #GiftingOnTheGo

“I want a bigger, better selection of gifts!"
"I want amazing, unusual gifts to really wow my friends!"

We are negotiating with over 100 awesome merchants and brands to bring you thousands of incredible gift items ranging from affordable gifts under a fiver, to designer threads from Givenchy to Gucci as well as novelty must-have gadgets. If it’s #trending and it's cool – we will have it in store, waiting for you to send to a friend! We know we had a limited selection in SwiftGift Beta; we promise to blow your mind with the gifts available in the SwiftGift app!

"I need someone to organise my life! Like a gifting personal assistant."

The app will have lots of fantastic new features such as friend birthday reminders, wish lists, daily discount deals and scheduled gifting (so that you never miss birthdays, anniversaries and other important events). We will push the boundaries of innovation to really revolutionise the gifting experience! #WatchThisSpace

The SwiftGift app will be available to download on the iOS App Store from June 2015 – bigger, better and more awesome than ever! If you want to be the first to know about our upcoming launch, please sign-up here