Want to really impress your crush this Valentine’s day?

For the singles out there - surprise your crush with a gift, even if you don’t know where they live! SwiftGift “wraps” any gift into a “magic link” which you can share with your crush via iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook or any other channel. Curated, hand-selected romantic gifts from leading retailers, all under one roof for your convenience.

For those in a relationship - we've got you covered too with the best ideas for couples' gifts!

Here are just a few ideas to get you started :)

Lindt - Heart Tin

The Lindt "Just For You" heart chocolate tin is the ideal chocolate gift for that special someone 💕

"Name a Star" Gift Box http://app.swiftgift.me/NameaStarGiftBoxUK Want to give something truly special - why not a whole star! Name a Star Gift Box may be just what you are after! 🌟

"Awesome Girlfriend" Men Socks

Yes it's a gift for him. But really it's a gift for you. Cos let's face it - it's all about you ;)

"I Love You More Than Chocolate" Gift Box

Loving someone more than chocolate is a pretty darn strong statement. Are you ready for that kind of commitment?! This beautifully designed chocolate gift will be as scrumptious to eat as the words are to hear, a perfect treat for your loved one! 😍 🍫

24 Carat Gold Dipped Real Red Rose

Red rose most commonly symbolises love, typically associated with romance and are used to portray deep emotions. Now throw some 24 carat magic on it and you've really got something timeless! A new twist on an old classic! 🌹

"I Love You To The Moon & Back" Mug

"To the moon & back" is pretty much the highest level of luuurve... Show someone how special they are to you with this romantic mug 👉🏼🌕🔙

Heart Shaped Frying Pan

Make breakfast in bed even more romantic! The Heart Shaped Frying Pan will cook up cherished eggs and pancakes and make tasty tempting dishes for peckish lovers! 🍳❤️

"I Love You" Heart Shaped Cushion

http://app.swiftgift.me/PolaroidZipMobilePrinterUK This romantic cushion tells that someone special exactly how you feel. Plus, if your partner is addicted to cuddly teddies, but has an unhealthily large collection as it is, why not go for something a little different and get them a heart cushion!❤️

"I Love You" Gift Set Show your loved one how much you really care with this I Love You Gift Set. The set includes everything needed to create the perfect romantic mood.💌

Me to You - Girlfriend Jigsaw Tatty Teddy

This cute Tatty Teddy bear, holding a pink "Girlfriend You Complete Me" jigsaw puzzle piece is a great fun way to show your Girlfriend just how much she means to you! Tatty Teddy offers a timeless message of love, happiness and friendship. 🐻

Hearts and Roses Bouquet http://app.swiftgift.me/BabyArtMagicBoxUK The Hearts and Roses bouquet will make for a really strong and passionate romantic gesture, whether you are looking to woo a crush or remind your partner how much you cherish them. ❤️🌹

"Bound by Love" Game Set

Bound by Love is a gorgeously erotic adult game for couples! With ribbon to tie him up with, a blindfold, 50 category cards and a special love dice, these sexy games can turn any drizzly Saturday into a dirty weekend. 🙊🙉🙈

Sculpt Your Own Boyfriend

A perfect gift for putting a smile on the face of your single friends! 😎

These are just some Valentine's day gifts - you can find many more in the SwiftGift App!

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